Friday, 5 April 2013


As a blogger, I am very aware of other bloggers who have made the news for whatever reason.  Last year Martha Payne, a schoolgirl from Lochgilphead, launched her blog "NeverSeconds", in which she photographed her school dinners and commented on them.  The blog became famous to the point where it had attracted several million visitors.  However, the local council created an uproar by banning Martha from posting photographs of the meals, prompting a backlash from the online community and a subsequent U-turn by the council.  The indomitable Martha, undaunted by all this furore, used her notoriety to raise money for Mary's Meals, a charity which raises money to feed third world children.  Martha has now ceased posting to her blog about her school dinners, but is still blogging about her charitable activities and school dinners in other countries, and her story remains inspirational.  I am sure she will work wonders whatever she decides to do with her life.

Lochgilphead is a picturesque small town on the shore of Loch Gilp, an offshoot of Loch Fyne, a short distance from the Crinan Canal, which did so much for the commercial development of the area.  Loch Gilp turns into mudflats at low tide.  The main street, characteristically for the area, is wide and was a former market place.  It was a fishing village until the Crinan Canal opened and made it a popular stopping off place for boats and for the provision of services for people passing through the canal.  Not necessarily connected to this, a lunatic asylum and poorhouse were built.  Although not large, Lochgilphead is the administrative centre for Argyll and Bute, covering a surprisingly wide area for a settlement of its size.  Each year in August, the Mid Argyll Show takes place in Kilmory, hear Lochgilphead.

Map of the area.  

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