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Next door to Chatham on the south bank of the Medway is the cathedral city of Rochester. Fans of Charles Dickens who have savoured the delights of Dickens World in Chatham should save some of their energy for the cathedral city of Rochester, where reminders of the great man lurk on every corner. The Dickens family lived in Rochester during his childhood, and he moved back here for the final years of his life. The city left such an impression on Dickens that it features in his works more than anywhere else. There are plaques on many of the buildings in the city centre giving information on how the locations in question featured in Dickens’ novels. Rochester has certainly made the most of its association with Dickens, with tourist attractions including the Dickens Discovery Rooms in the Guildhall Museum and the Footsteps In Time  costumed guided tours. In addition, there are not one,but two Dickens festivals each year in June and December, when many of the locals have great fun dressing up in period costume.

Rochester Castle

Rochester Castle is one of the best preserved examples of Norman architecture in England. Every year in December the castle hosts a Christmas market. The ghost of a man has been observed in the moat of the castle near the Old Burial Ground, and there is a school of thought that the ghost is that of Charles Dickens. Rochester Cathedral dates back to Norman times, following which it had a chequered history marked by fire and looting. The cathedral as it now stands is considered one of the finest Norman cathedrals in the country.

For events in the area, see here.

Map of the area.

View of the Medway from the castle

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