Saturday, 13 August 2011


Anyone who is fond of looking at old photographs should check out a website which has been created by the good folk of Gorleston-on-Sea. Every town should have a website like this. It is stuffed full of fascinating old images of the town in times gone by as well as many of the local characters. Added to this are personal recollections of the town through the years, as well as current issues. One of the contributors describes what it was like to live during the war in Gorleston, when rations were the order of the day and “chocolate was non-existent”. The writer comments that “we never felt deprived during the war years as we had never known anything different”. Perhaps the youths who took part in this week’s looting and wanton destruction in some of Britain’s cities should be made to read this as a lesson in what it is really like to go without.

Gorleston is a resort at the mouth of the River Yare, from where it gazes across at its immediate neighbour, Great Yarmouth. The town is considered to be part of Great Yarmouth for electoral purposes, but judging by the above-mentioned website it evidently has a proud identity of its own. Gorleston used to be an important herring port, but during Edwardian times it made the transition from fishing port to seaside resort, which is probably why one of the beaches is called “Edwardian Beach”. As well as the Blue Flag sandy beaches, visitors have at their disposal a “yacht pond”, bowling greens and tennis courts, while the river provides a route inland to the Norfolk Broads with their attendant boating activities.

Map of the area.

File:Old lighthouse - - 851161.jpg
Photo by Keith Evans, via Wikimedia Commons

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