Thursday, 22 November 2012


When researching Barcaldine on Google, I kept seeing references to bushfires, which was perturbing, because you don't hear about many bushfires in Scotland. However, it transpires that there is a Barcaldine in Queensland Australia, where bushfires have been raging during the last week or so, so let's breathe a sigh of relief for Barcaldine Scotland, but say a little prayer for its Australian counterpart. Barcaldine is on the south shore of Loch Creran and its main purpose in life is the provision of boatyard and marina facilities. The 16th century Barcaldine Castle, otherwise known as the "Black Castle" was the ancient seat of the Campbells of Barcaldine. The castle now provides elegant holiday accommodation and wedding facilities. Just outside Barcaldine is the Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary, where there is a seal rescue facility and hospital, and otters and sharks are among the creatures on view. The kids will love watching the otters and seals at feeding time. Walkers can take the waymarked Glen Dubh forest walk, which passes a gorge on the way up and offers wonderful views of the islands and mountains on the way back down.

Live webcam feed from Barcaldine Marine Moorings.

Map of the area.

© 1995 Colin Smith, via Wikimedia Commons

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