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Colwyn Bay lies between Rhyl and Llandudno, and consists of the communities of Old Colwyn, Colwyn Bay and Rhos-on-Sea, separated by a 3-mile stretch of sandy beach backed by a promenade, the residential parts of town rising up into the pleasant green hills behind.  There is a range of watersports available in the bay, including windsurfing, power boating and sailing.  Eirias Park offers a variety of leisure activities within its 50 acres of beautiful parkland, such as swimming, fitness and other sporting facilities.  One of the bay's premier attractions is the Welsh Mountain Zoo, on a hillside overlooking the bay.  In a corner of Old Colwyn is a nature trail called the Fairy Glen, so named by the Victorians who used to flock to the resort and who were very fond of such 'glens'.  The North Wales Path runs through the glen, which has recently had improvements carried out to it.  The name derives from the fact that the glen is rumoured to harbour many spirits including fairies.

Rhos-on-Sea lies at the far end of the promenade running along the bay.  There are several points of historical interest here, most notably a cute little chapel on the foreshore called St Trillo's Chapel, which in its present form dates from the 17th century.  Until recently this was claimed to be the smallest chapel in the United Kingdom, but last year it was reported that an upstart in Wiltshire was challenging the title.  Either way, the chapel at Rhos is undeniably minute, with room for a mere 6 to 9 people.  Out at sea is another relic from the past.  At low tide it is possible to discern the remains of a fish trap created by the monks of an ancient monastery.  The Rhos Fynach Fishing Weir dates from medieval times but did not cease to be used until World War I.  However, perhaps the greatest claim to fame by Rhos-on-Sea is that the Welsh prince Madog ap Owain Gwynedd sailed from here in 1170 and discovered America, beating Christopher Columbus by over 300 years.  

Map of the area.  

File:The Green Bank above Marine Parade, Rhos on Sea - - 453977.jpg
The Green Bank above Marine Parade, Rhos on Sea. Photo by R. Greenhalgh, via Wikimedia Commons.

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