Saturday, 4 June 2016


If you visit Polzeath during August, you may catch sight of a strange creature emerging from the waves with a black body and a lobster-red head.  The creature in question is the present incumbent at No. 10, who regularly holidays nearby with his family, and for whom Polzeath is a favourite spot for unleashing his inner surfing dude.  Polzeath has form when it comes to attracting the upper echelons of society.  In 2012 Princes William and Harry were spotted body boarding there.  No surprises then that the car park at this small, upscale resort is full of Range Rovers and other expensive vehicles during the summer season.  There is parking available on the beach itself, but owners should beware the high tide, which can swamp this parking area.  There are several surf schools in the area for those wanting to make the most of the excellent surfing conditions, while people wanting to just swim well away from the surfers there is another beach at New Polzeath.  There is a marine nature reserve at Polzeath, and dolphins and seals are sometimes seen offshore.  As well as surfing, Polzeath is known as a foodie destination, with several upmarket restaurants serving up local seafood and other delicacies.

Map of the area. 

File:Surfers at Polzeath Cornwall.JPG
Photo by Dwyatt 101, via Wikimedia Commons

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