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The name Ardglass comes from the Irish Ard Ghlais, or ‘green height’, the feature in question being the hill known as The Ward to the west of the town.  The harbour is an important fishing port with Northern Ireland’s third largest fishing fleet, a major exporter of fish to Europe, including some of the continent’s finest langoustines.  More leisurely activities include golf at the Ardglass Golf Club in Downpatrick and yachting from the Ardglass Marina, also known as the Phennick Cove Marina.  Walkers can head out onto the Ballyhornan Coastal Path, part of the longer Lecale Way.  The ruins of Ardtole Church can be found just outside Ardglass.   Dating back to the 1300s, it is one of the oldest churches in the area, on a site founded by St Patrick.  The church is on top of a hill, with views over the countryside and out to sea.  When the church was excavated in 1914 one of the finds was some of the oldest stained glass in Ireland, now housed in the National Museum of Ireland.

File:Ardtole church (ruin) near Ardglass (2) - - 458866.jpg
Ardtole Church (ruin) near Ardglass (2). Photo by Albert Bridge, via Wikimedia Commons.

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