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St Aubins’s is at the opposite end of the bay from the island’s capital. It forms part of the parish of St Brelade, and in fact the Parish Hall is located in St Aubin’s, in a former railway station. The railway line which used to go from here is now closed; for a time during the war it was used by the occupying German forces, but closed soon after. Like many former railway lines in Britain, it has been converted into a walking trail, linking St Aubin’s with Corbiere, a distance of 6km. As well as the wonderful plantlife and trees which can be enjoyed along this trail, if you are lucky you may glimpse the odd red squirrel.

A few miles inland from St Aubin’s is probably Jersey’s most memorable wartime site, the War Tunnels, which were built into the hillside and used as a barracks and for storing ammunition. Exhibits inside paint a fascinating picture of what life on Jersey was like during the German occupation.

Map of the area.

St Aubin's Bay 4photo © 2010 Dave Harwood | more info (via: Wylio)

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