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The resort and fishing port of Bridlington goes back a long way. Traces of a Roman road and discoveries of Roman coins in the town point to a past going back at least to Roman times. Bridlington Priory was founded around 1113 by Walter de Gant as an Augustinian house and continued until Henry VIII did his worst in 1538 by dissolving it as part his Dissolution of the Monasteries campaign. One product of this institution was St John of Bridlington, who was deemed to be responsible for a number of miracles, including bringing five people back to life, restoring sight to a blind woman and pulling a group of stricken sailors safely to shore. The Bayle Museum is located in what was once the entrance to the Priory, which lies in the Old Town, around 1 mile from the coast.

Bridlington enjoys the reputation of having one of the finest railway stations in the country. The station buffet is one of only three remaining original station buffets in the country, and it is known for putting on a spectacular floral display each summer. Attractions in the town include boat trips up the coast to Flamborough Head, the Spa Theatre and Leisure World with its indoor pool. A short distance from Bridlington, Sewerby Hall houses an art gallery and museum where mementoes of female aviator Amy Johnson, who was born in Hull, can be viewed.

For a list of events in Bridlington, see here.

of the area.

'Bridlington' photo (c) 2005, Matthew Wilkinson - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/

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