Saturday, 3 September 2011


Looking at Google Earth, one is struck by one particular feature of the coast heading north from Skegness: acres and acres of what can only be caravan sites. It really is quite an extraordinary sight viewed from above. No doubt the appeal for caravanners is the presence of a continuous stretch of sandy beach along this coast. Nestling among this sea of caravans is the village of Chapel St Leonards which, as well as being a popular resort, offers a reminder of the Second World War, having formed part of a major coastal defence line. The Gun Structure and Viewing Platform that were used during this period have been restored. Chapel Point, where bunkers dating from the war are still to be found among the sand dunes, has become a favourite haunt of birdwatchers, being a frequent haunt of overseas feathered visitors. The chapel referred to in the town’s name was the Chapel of Mumby which was dedicated to St Leonard. The original chapel succumbed to a flood, but was rebuilt in the year 1572, with various add-ons thereafter. The village green has recently been revamped, and now sports an unusual ship’s bell which strikes on the hour. Apart from the beach, the village offers Lakeside Leisure, with fishing and other activities, and the Club Tropicana for evening shows.

Map of the area.

'Beach Huts, Chapel Point, Lincolnshire' photo (c) 2008, Brian - license:

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