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One of the many legends and mysteries around the coast of Scotland concerns a wise woman who lived at the head of Loch Carron. Such were her powers of healing that a person only had to present her with a piece of clothing belonging to the sick individual, which she would work her magic on, resulting in a miraculous recovery. However, there was an unfortunate side effect for the woman, who herself became very ill for several days afterwards. People came from miles around to avail themselves of her services.

The village of Lochcarron, which lies strung out on the shores of the loch, started out as a much smaller settlement known as Janetown, but it grew dramatically in size due to the arrival of people displaced by the Highland Clearances. The area to the north of the village, known as Kirkton, is the location of a small, whitewash church built in 1883, and there is also a ruined church and graveyard dating from 1751. Walking is a favourite activity around here, as well as wildlife watching, with plenty of opportunities to combine the two. Otters, pine martens and deer are just some of the creatures the patient walker might encounter.

of the area.

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