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It is an undeniable fact that Blackpool is the premier resort of north-west England.  The town's popularity started when the mill workers in the booming Lancashire textile industry starting flocking there in the years leading up to World War I.  The British Pathe website has some wonderful footage from the year 1900 showing turn of the century people enjoying the resort's delights.  One of the most enduring landmarks over the years in Blackpool has been BlackpoolTower, which was prefabricated in Manchester and brought to Blackpool by train to be assembled.  The tower was modelled on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, though half the height of its renowned French cousin.

Blackpool is popular year-round, but one of the times of the year when it comes into its own is from late summer through into the autumn, when the Blackpool Illuminations dominate the resort.  Such is the allure of the Blackpool Illuminations that people travel to the resort from all over the country to feast their eyes on this annual spectacle.  Added to which the resort boasts three piers and a 7-mile promenade which, for those who don't fancy the legwork involved offers an electric tram service.  There are countless other attractions, too numerous to list here - best to visit the Blackpool Tourism website.

One group of people who have become inextricably linked to Blackpool over the years are the good folk of Coronation Street.  From the year 1961 when Ena, Minnie and Martha took a trip up the Blackpool Tower to 1985 when Bet Lynch declared that "Everybody's letting their hair down. You can cut smell of shrimps and best bitter with a knife."  Fast forward to 1989 when one of Coronation Street's worst villains, Alan Bradley, met his end at the hands of a Blackpool tram while stalking Rita Fairclough, who had moved to the town to escape from him.  Then there was the recent heart-rending scene involving Roy and Hayley Cropper who went to Blackpool to try to blot out Hayley's terminal cancer.

For a list of events in Blackpool follow this link.

Live streaming webcam view of the beach and pier.

Map of the area.

File:Central Pier, Blackpool.jpg
Central Pier, Blackpool. Photo by Parrot of Doom, via Wikimedia Commons

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