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Until recently, Borth was one of the lesser known resorts on the Welsh coast, eclipsed by its better-known neighbour to the south, Aberystwyth.  I say until recently because Borth had its moment of fame a short time ago when it featured in the final episode of the new TV crime drama series Hinterland.  In particular, it was the station that took centre stage, with its creepy station manager keeping watch over the surrounding countryside and ending up on the suspect list for the killing of a young woman found murdered and kneeling upright in the marshlands near the station.  In real life the station is an unmanned stop on the Cambrian Line, which runs up the west coast of Wales.

File:Borth Railway Station - - 518896.jpg
Borth Railway Station.  Photo by Ben Croft, via Wikimedia Commons.

I remember one particularly hot July weekend when my husband and I were making our way back from Harlech to Aberaeron and I was desperate for a swim.  I persuaded my husband to park up at Borth, where the long sand and pebble beach satisfied my urge to go for a cooling dip quite nicely.  The beach is also popular with surfers.  There is a sea wall running along the back of the beach with a mile-long string of houses behind it.  Walkers can take the coastal path heading south towards Aberystwyth, taking in dramatic clifftops and the remote sand and shingle beach at Wallog.  The other main attraction hereabouts is the Animalarium, where visitors can feast their eyes on exotic creatures such as lemurs and wallabies.  

Map of the area. 

File:South end of Borth beach - - 582781.jpg
Borth Beach. Photo by Nigel Brown, via Wikimedia Commons

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