Saturday, 9 July 2016


Trevose Head got an airing during the last Christmas season when the BBC broadcast a stylish Agatha Christie thriller called And Then There Were None.  Towards the end of the series there was a shot of a striking cliff-top hole – this was the so-called Round Hole at Trevose Head.  The ‘hole’ in question has been formed by the collapse of the roof of a  a sea cave.  Trevose Head is also home to a lighthouse, first built in1847 as an extra defence between Lundy and Land’s End.  The headland boasts a golf club for those wanting to practise their golfing moves against a spectacular backdrop.   Just below the headland is Constantine Bay, which enjoys a reputation as one of the best surfing beaches in Cornwall.  Named after a 6th century Cornish saint, the beach and its neighbour Booby’s Bay are just two of seven beaches within easy reach of the area. Although the beach is popular with surfers, swimmers should beware of the rips arising from the west-facing aspect.

File:Trevose Head Lighthouse.jpg
Photo by Harry Lawford, via Wikimedia Commons

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