Thursday, 20 January 2011


The area around the fishing village of Gunwalloe has seen its share of maritime mishaps, including a shipwreck at Dollar Cove, so named because the ship in question, a Spanish ship called the San Salvador, was carrying a large quantity of silver dollars. To this day, some of the dollars are occasionally washed up on shore during stormy weather, so this is a good venue for the metal-detecting brigade. A more recent event that this area is noted for occurred on nearby Poldhu Head, from where, in 1901, Marconi transmitted the first ever translatlantic radio signals.

Those who are interested in unusual churches should seek out the Church of Saint Winwaloe in nearby Church Cove. This charming, weather-beaten little church sits at the edge of the beach, surrounded by a tamarisk hedge. It is unusual in that its tower is separate from the rest of the building; in fact it belonged to an earlier church which dated from a century or so earlier than the present-day church.

Map of the area.

File:Church Cove (7923).jpg
Church Cove. Photo by Nilfanion, via Wikimedia Commons

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