Monday, 10 January 2011


The next little cove around the coast from Porthcurno is Penberth Cove. This beautiful little place, hidden away at the end of a secluded valley, has a timeless feel about it, and fishing boats still leave from the tiny slipway to fish for mackerel, lobster and crab, as they have done for as far back as anyone can remember. The only concession to modern life is that an electric winch is now used to haul the boats back up from the sea.

When my mother was still fit enough to do cliff walking, Penberth was one of her favourite launchpads for a walk along the South-West coastal path, which can be accessed in either direction from the hamlet here. The path climbs up through thick vegetation, then winds its way around the rocky clifftops, from where the sea can be heard roaring and crashing against the rocks below.

Penberth, by Barbara Ashley

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