Monday, 14 March 2011


When searching for Exmouth on Google, you might be presented with pictures featuring wonderful cloudless blue skies and sunshine; beware, because there is a town in Western Australia called Exmouth, which bears little resemblance to Exmouth UK. Exmouth does as it says on the tin: it is at the mouth of the River Exe. Anyone born around the same time as me (no, I’m not coming clean) will remember a British radio DJ called Ed “Stewpot” Stewart. Exmouth was his home town. Another famous name born in the town is the actress Pauline Collins, best known for her role as the wayward housewife let loose in Greece, Shirley Valentine.

Exmouth has a reputation as a holiday resort which stretches back to the days of Byron. Lady Byron was among the distinguished visitors frequenting the town in the 1800s, an era when Exmouth was a favoured destination for higher class tourists. When the railway reached the town in 1861, it opened the way for mass tourism, which changed the character of the town for good, but its earlier glory days are echoed still by the distinguished architecture, including Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian town houses. Sailing is a popular activity in the Exe estuary, and the Exe Sailing Club is based in Exmouth.

For a list of events in Exmouth, see here.

Live streaming webcam view of the seafront.

Map of the area.

Seafront at Exmouthphoto © 2009 toastmonster | more info (via: Wylio)

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