Friday, 11 March 2011


What do the film Remains Of The Day and the TV series Midsomer Murders have in common? Answer, they both included scenes featuring Powderham Castle, a short distance along the west bank of the River Exe from Starcross. The original Powderham Manor became the property of the Courtenay family, who had come over from France during the reign of Henry II, but the Castle in its present incarnation was built by Philip, one of the numerous sons and daughters born to the Lady of the Manor, Margaret de Bohun, whose dowry on her marriage into the Courtenay family had included the Manor. There was a running feud between the Courtenays and the Bonvilles, their rivals for control of the area, which led to a number of dramatic events including a siege and a beheading, with the two families occupying opposite sides during the Civil War, although Philip is believed to have been on the side of the Bonvilles, i.e. the House of York.

Those wanting to learn about these events and many others that followed in later centuries can visit the castle from April to October. The grounds are also open to visitors, and include a woodland garden. There are numerous events held at the castle, such as music recitals and antiques fairs.

Map of the area.

File:Powderham Castle, east side-geograph-4066229-by-Stephen-Craven.jpg
Photo by Stephen Craven, via Wikimedia Commons

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