Monday, 30 May 2011


Heading east from Middleton-On-Sea, we come to Climping Sands, and it is possible to walk from here to the mouth of the River Arun, from where there are good views of the castle at Arundel, just inland and a bit further upstream. Littlehampton lies on the east bank of the river. There is a ferry which links the boatyards and marinas of the west bank with the main part of town on the east bank, which is lined by a colourful array of harbourside buildings. Littlehampton is home to a highly acclaimed and architecturally unique cafe called East Beach Cafe. Some might regard it as an eyesore, but it certainly grabs the attention. It is brown in colour, and is meant to resemble a piece of driftwood, though to my mind it calls to mind a kind of layered cliff-face.

The writer John Galsworthy, best known for The Forsyte Saga used to stay at the Beach Hotel, and it was here that he wrote Saint’s Progress, completed in 1919. Not long after that, the town began to be known as the “Children’s Paradise” due to the safe bathing and general child-friendly ambience of the town. At one time there was a cross-channel ferry from here to Honfleur in France, but sadly this has now gone.

For events in the area see here.

Map of the area.

File:The East Beach Cafe, Littlehampton - - 1407279.jpg
East Beach Café. Photo by Kevin Gordon, via Wikimedia Commons

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