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Two years ago the Sun newspaper carried a story about UFO sightings over West Kilbride, claiming that there had been more sightings there than any other place in Britain, earning it the distinction of being the UK's UFO hotspot.  One local resident had seen so many strange objects in the sky that she was convinced that there was some sort of "alien motorway" above the town. Sightings have included a "huge pink and blue triangle", "airborne jellyfish" and yellow spheres flying in groups of up to 25 - although it could be argued that the latter were Chinese lanterns. 

Back to more earthly matters, the name West Kilbride derives from St Brigid of Kildare, a Celtic saint.  However, there is evidence of much earlier settlement in the area in the form of a Neolithic cup and ring marked stone on nearby Blackshaw Hill.  Later on, in Medieval times a simple rectangular castle was erected on Law Hill called LawCastle.  The castle is available for weddings.  Crosbie Castle, or Crosbie Towers on the north west side of the village was rebuilt from a 17th century tower.  The original tower was the home of William Wallace's uncle.  There is a small museum in the Village Hall displaying objects from the village's past.  Fans of arts and crafts may be interested to know that West Kilbride is gaining a reputation as a crafts centre, according it the title Craft Town Scotland.  Meanwhile, walkers will enjoy the woodland walk along Kirktonhall Glen from West Kilbride to Seamill - Kirktonhall itself is a 17th century townhouse.  Like most golf clubs in this part of Scotland, the West Kilbride Golf Club offers wonderful views across the Firth of Clyde.

Map of the area. 

File:Kirktonhall House.jpg

Kirktonhall House
  2007 Dreamer84, via Wikimedia Commons

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