Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Although Broughty Ferry is a suburb of Dundee, the residents clearly have an independent streak. It was recently reported that, after several years of trying and failing to be included in Dundee's annual Blues Festival, the Blues Bonanza, the pubs of Broughty Ferry are planning to hold their own festival over the same weekend (planned for the last weekend of June in 2012). I wish the good folk of Broughty Ferry well: sock it to 'em guys!

There should be plenty of incentive for music lovers to venture out to this part of the city, because it is a popular seaside resort, referred to as "the jewel in Dundee's crown". Its miles of pale-coloured sand proved a hit with the wealthy entrepreneurs who made their money from Dundee's textile industry and spent their money on homes in the area, causing it to become known as "the richest square mile in Europe". Long before their arrival, the settlement was home to fishermen whose homes clustered around the harbour. Next to the harbour is Broughty Castle Museum, housed in an imposing castle, built in 1496, which lords it over the mouth of the Tay. Other attractions include and arts and crafts complex called the Eduardo Alessandro Studios and Barnhill Rock Garden on the Esplanade.

Map of the area.

'Broughty Ferry beach' photo (c) 2005, carolsouthern - license:

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