Monday, 7 November 2011


The village on the opposite side of the road and rail bridges from South Queensferry is called – you guessed it – North Queensferry! We are now into the county of Fife, which stretches up as far as the Firth of Tay. North Queensferry, which lies literally in the shadow of the two bridges, is home to Scotland’s National Aquarium Deep Sea World, which promises a “spectacular underwater safari” by virtue of its underwater walkways which visitors can walk through while marvelling at the sea creatures swimming all around them. The attraction was dug out of a disused quarry which used to be used for quarrying granite. Two years ago, an unfortunate diver working at the aquarium suffered multiple lacerations after being bitten by an angel shark. One of North Queensferry’s claims to fame is that it is the residence of Britain’s most unsuccessful Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. It was in Queensferry that Gordon married Sarah in 2000. Another well-known personality associated with the village is Iain Banks, the famous author, who was brought up there.

Map of the area.

'North Queensferry and Forth Road Bridge' photo (c) 2010, Katherine - license:

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