Thursday, 24 November 2011


The long northern shore of the Firth of Forth, with its seemingly endless string of picturesque towns and fishing villages, culminates at the easternmost tip of Fife, Fife Ness. As well as a coastguard station and lighthouse, there is a wildlife reserve here which is a prime spot for observing migratory birds, with around 150 species recorded at this location over the years, arriving from 14 European countries. There is a coast path through grassland and wild flowers from where, as well as the migratory birds, puffins, gannets, eiders and terns can be seen. There is a cave on the shore of the Ness known as Constantine's Cave, after Constantine II, King of Alba, who is thought to have been killed by the Danes here in the 9th century. A bit further up the coast towards St Andrews is the Cambo Estate with its gardens with box hedges lilacs and roses. The gardens are a delight for snowdrop enthusiasts, with 70 acres of woodland carpeted with these delicate white harbingers of early Spring.

'Cambo snowdrops' photo (c) 2010, Maria Keays - license:

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