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The southern end of Arran is rich in history, particulary in the vicinity of Kilmory and Kildonan.  Near Kilmory is the ancient Torrylin Cairn, a Neolithic chambered burial cairn. When the cairn was excavated in 1900 eight skeletons were found along with a variety of artefacts.  Back in the village foodies will want to seek out the Torylinn Creamery which produces Arran Dunlop, a former champion in the British Cheese Awards. 

Kildonan, named after the Irish monk Saint Donan, lies at the south-east tip of Arran.  The village boasts one of the few sandy beaches on Arran, and offers wonderful views across to the coast of Ayrshire, to Ailsa Craig and the island of Pladda.  Kildonan Castle, built by the MacDonalds, the Lords Of The Isles, to protect Arran's strategic position in the Firth Of Clyde, only retains its 13th century keep today.  The castle was used as a hunting lodge by the Scottish kings including Robert III.  In the 16th century the castle passed to the hands of the Earls of Arran.

Map of the area. 

File:Scotland, Isle of Arran, Kildonan, shore with Drimla Lodge.JPG
Kildonan, shore with Drimla Lodge. Photo by Vincent van Zeijst, via Wikimedia Commons


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