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Lamlash is the biggest settlement on Arran and its main administrative centre.  It lies on Lamlash Bay, which benefits from the protection of Holy Isle, which straddles the outer reaches of the bay.  Holy Isle, where St Molias once lived in a cave, is home to a Buddhist retreat and can be reached via a 10-minute ferry ride from Lamlash.  The shelter afforded by the island was taken advantage of by King Hakon IV of Norway when he sheltered his fleet here in the 13th century, although he was given a pasting at the Battle Of Largs in 1263.  More recently, the Navy took advantage of the sheltered bay during both world wars.  The naval officers, who included future kings Edward VIII and George VI, availed themselves of the delights of the Lamlash Golf Club while in town.  There is a memorial to the Clearances in Lamlash, recalling the time that the exodus from the island due to the Clearances reached its peak.  In April 1829 a ship left Lamlash laden with 86 islanders and their possessions bound for Canada.  They settled in Megantic County, to be joined by other islanders in further displacements which continued until 1840.  The memorial in Lamlash was funded by a Canadian descendant of the displaced Arran inhabitants.

Map of the area. 

Lamlash Golf Course looking towards Holy Island. Photo by John McLuckie, via Wikimedia Commons


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